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ma1Ideal for those wanting a stimulating and action-packed holiday, our Activ8Spain Active Holidays are based in La Zarza, near Pinoso (El Piños), a small town in the Murcia region of Spain, renowned for the production of fine wines, olives, rock salt and marble. The holiday is designed to maximise your time in order that you have all the benefits of our programming and expertise during the earlier, cooler part of the day, whilst leaving you free to enjoy the sun, sea and Spanish siesta in the afternoon and evening. The holiday is available all year round, so if you enjoy moderate temperatures, April through to June and September to October are months when you can expect pleasantly warm weather. On the other hand, real heat-lovers might like to come in the peak summer months of July or August.

 chicamo hike

Your time on holiday is designed to be a learning process in many ways: you will improve your ability and knowledge of martial arts, self-defence and fitness training, which will be physically challenging and energizing; you will boost your body with healthy home-cooked food and learn about the importance of good nutrition; you will calm your mind and lengthen your muscles with meditation, tai chi, yoga and stretching classes. All this takes place on Eagle Mountain, with stunning views of the surrounding area. We are located at a height of 900m, and the cool mountain air is most welcome on a hot summer's day!


You will be trained, energized and invigorated from your morning’s activities, after which we recommend that in keeping with good, honest, Spanish tradition, you sample the wonderful local food and then perhaps have a little after-lunch siesta! The afternoons will be yours to fill with as much activity as you like: go mountain biking, hike in the mountains, go rock-climbing - whatever takes your fancy - before going out in the evening to experience friendly authentic Spanish life in one of the beautiful nearby towns such as Pinoso.


mountain-bike1In your free time you can book various wonderful treatments given by our team, including Reiki, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, reflexology, Indian head massage, aromatherapy massage, crystal therapy, personal training in self-defence, martial arts, weights, core work and more. For further details on treatments available click here. And of course, you can relax by the pool at any time, whether after a hard morning's training in the dojo or following a visit to the bustling city markets on a hot sunny day!


There are a number of places that you can stay; the nearest location to the training centre is The Olive Tree Guest House, where Jenny the owner is reknowned for her warm and friendly welcome. The guest house is very clean and the food is traditional and delicious. Alternatively, The Grapevine Manor is a short drive away, so suitable if you are planning to hire a car to explore the area during your stay.


Our team are always on hand to help you with local knowledge, queries or advice, and you will be provided with a welcome pack full of useful information about the local area, restaurants and activities.


Example active holiday training day:

sea kata28-9am Tai chi or yoga – the perfect way to start your day and prepare your mind and body for the morning’s activities.                                                                                                             

9am-12.45pm In the dojo, working on the tatami with Gary and the team to learn effective and powerful self-defence and martial arts techniques; core training; weight training. After the session we will all sit down and discuss the training and what we may need to change or work on the following day.

1pm Well done, great work! Now home for a shower, or to the pool for a well deserved swim and sunbathe, then off to lunch, que aproveche, bon appétit, enjoy your meal!

Please note, itinerary can be tailor-made to you / your family’s requirements.

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