Be sure to book ahead from our list of wonderful and beneficial treatments….

Reiki - a holistic energy treatment for the mind, body and spirit. Helps cleanse the body of negative energy and leaves revitalized and calm.

Swedish massage - relaxing massage treatment for the mind and body, helps promote healthy sleep and and dissipates anxiety.

Reflexology - a therapeutic treatment  that aims to rebalance the body through the stimulation of specific points, or  reflexes, on the feet.

Indian head massage - a deeply relaxing treatment that calms the mind while improving circulation in the head, neck and shoulders.

Deep tissue massage - deep therapeutic massage designed to treat problem areas or ease pain post injury. Perfect for those post training aches and pains!

Aromatherapy massage - a deeply  relaxing form of massage using a medium of aromatic essential oils diluted in  carrier oil.

Crystal Therapy - a gentle non-invasive form of  alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body,  emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being and  neutralize negativity.

Therapeuticmeta combo - a wonderful combination of muscular deep tissue massage followed by a calming foot massage.

Personal training - a full hour individually tailored to your needs and dedicated to teaching you how to exercise. We can teach you how to train without equipment, in a gym, with weights, with balls, with bands…whatever suits you!

Private martial arts training - hone your techniques or learn completely new ones with retreat director Gary Standaloft, martial arts expert!

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